Welcome to Barbara Harris Permitting Service, LLC. Our mission is to make the often long and tedious process of applying and obtaining building permits within the city of San Diego, the county of San Diego, and other surrounding cities; faster, easier, and less stressful. We have been processing building permits for architects, developers, general contractors, non-profit organizations, amusement master parks, as well as home owners for over 25 years.

Breaking News (May 2018): Facilities Financing has changed procedures on fee collection and is requiring Development Impact Fees to be paid prior to permit issuance.

New fees released 10/2/2016.  Unfortunately most fees have gone up and the admin fee assessed for express plan check has almost doubled.  Visit our fee estimator: Updated fee estimator.

Recent News (February 16th 2016):  The State of California has released new storm water requirements that trigger new forms and additional requirements.  Click here for new form.

Past News (October 2015):  Brand new San Diego Regional Hazardous Materials Questionnaire form with revised Air Pollution Control District questions.  Click here for new form.

Forms update: City of San Diego has new Hazardous Materials Reporting form (DS-165) and are now using the regional hazardous materials form. Also, there are new forms and procedures for fire sprinkler and alarm inspections called Affidavit for Fire Sprinkler Alterations(DS-161) and Affidavit for Fire Alarm Alterations(DS-163)

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